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Home made Tesla turbine [2/3]

Home made Tesla Turbine

This is the continuation (page 2 of 3).

Mounting part 2

Then the completely assembled rotor was placed into the casing.

In principle, casing 3 has the same holder for bearings and seals as casing 1.

Then the casing 3 was screwed on casing 2. On the right two pictures you can see one plate of the magnetic coupling, which was fixed with a locking ring.

One plate of the magnetic coupling has 10 holes for 10 neodymium magnets. Side by side magnets are polarized in opposite directions. On the side of the magnetic coupling plate, which is faced towards the aluminum casing, there is a 0.5 mm thick iron plate to avoid eddy currents as much as possible.

Casing 4 separates the two magnetic coupling plates (magnetic coupling 1 and magnetic coupling 2) and is made out of plastic (to avoid eddy currents).

The other magnetic coupling plate is rigidly connected with shaft 2. On the middle and right pictures you can see a ball bearing and a shaft seal.

The holder for the two ball bearings of shaft 2 is integrated into the casing 5.

For the optical improvement I mounted four casing parts on the side and one part on top.

To change the width of the inlet hole, an adjustable "nozzle" was designed:

The two connections for the oil are connected to the non-return valve, which prevents the oil to be pressed outwards.

Final turbine

Here you can see the final Tesla turbine:

Construction drawings / G-codes

I designed the whole turbine in CAD, so there are construction drawings of nearly all parts.

Here you can download the construction drawings in PDF format: Tesla turbine: construction drawings [German]

Most millings I could manufacture by standard forms, such as circles and rectangles or circular and rectangular pockets, which are integrated in the software. For more complex shapes, such as for example the millings of the discs, I had to make drawings, make radius corrections and then convert them into G-code.

Here you can download the G-code in PDF format: Tesla turbine: G-codes [German]

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Posted on 01.02.2012 | Last modified on 24.05.2018