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CNC machines & 3D printer

CNC milling machine plays music
How you can create music with CNC milling machines or 3D printers

Have you ever listend to a CNC milling machine while milling or to a 3D printer while printing? If so, then you should have noticed that there ary many different tones generated. For nerds, it is obvious to manipulate the milling or 3D printing code so that no random sounds but a real song is played. How this works in principle, you will learn in this article.

Create music with a DeltaBot
With these calculations you can create music with DeltaBots!

Have you ever heard how a CNC milling machine or a 3D printer plays music? If so, then it has most likely been a Cartesian coordinate device or even a DeltaBot, but only monophone. Because producing polyphonic music using a DeltaBot is much more complicated and requires more computation than Cartesian coordinates. How it works in principle, you will learn here.

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